This is the description of Yongjie YDBR7*5S DC Low voltage Fan motor
YDBR7*5S High Voltage 12V-240V Permanent Magnet Carbon-brush DC Motor_Low noise high torque and quality 24V DC MOTOR

A DC motor is a motor that converts DC power into mechanical energy. Because of its good speed performance in the electric drag has been widely used. DC motor by excitation method is divided into permanent magnet, he excitation and self-excitation 3 categories, of which self-excitation is divided into re-excitation, series excitation and re-excitation 3 kinds.

When the DC power supply through the brush to the armature winding power supply, the armature surface of the N-pole conductor can flow through the same direction of the current, according to the left hand conductor will be counterclockwise torque; armature surface S pole lower part The conductor also flows through the same direction of the current, according to the left hand rule conductor will also be counterclockwise torque. In this way, the entire armature winding, the rotor, will rotate counterclockwise, and the input DC power will be converted into the mechanical energy output on the rotor shaft. Rotor (armature): armature core, armature winding, commutator, shaft and fan, etc., the stator and the rotor, the stator: the base, the main pole, commutation pole, brush device;


  The motor in the operation of heat generated at the same time, driven by the front of the impeller operation, resulting in suction from the inlet pipe into a lot of air, air flow through the motor from the rear exhaust, take away the heat. In simple terms, the motor is cooled by the air, and when your motor overheat protection, please check all the inlet ducts, including the brush, steel pipe, hose, dust bucket (dust bag), filter. After the cleaning is complete, the machine can be used again in the rest of the minutes. Use a vacuum cleaner to avoid the impact. After the use of the barrel should be promptly cleaned up debris and the dust accessories, dust dust bag. And after each work clean, check whether there is no perforation or leakage, and clean the water with a clean detergent thoroughly clean dust and dust bags, and air-dried, should not use the dry dust dust bag. Note that the hose does not frequently fold to fold, do not over-stretching and bending, usually should be vacuum storage in a dry place.

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  The main products are seven series, a total of 200balance motor;
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