This is the description of Yongjie BLAC BL60402NF(183)wet&dry 120V Low voltage motor

120V 1500W brushless AC motor for vacuum cleaner best price top quality_120v brushless AC bypass motor with high speed

(1) Scope of application:
Brushless motor: It is usually used in equipment with high control requirements and relatively high speed, such as model airplanes, precision instrumentation, etc., which are used to control the motor speed strictly and achieve high speed.
Brush motor: Usually the power equipment uses brush motors, such as hair dryers, factory motors, home range hoods, etc. In addition, the speed of the string motor can reach high, but due to the wear of carbon brushes, use Life is not as good as brushless motors.

(2) Service life:
Brushless motors: The service life is usually in the order of tens of thousands of hours, but the lifespan of brushless motors is also very different due to the different bearings.
Brush motor: Usually the brush motor has a continuous working life of several hundred to more than one thousand hours. When it reaches the limit of use, the carbon brush needs to be replaced, otherwise it is easy to cause bearing wear.
(3) Use effect:
Brushless motor: It is usually a digital variable frequency control with a high degree of controllability. It can be easily realized from a few revolutions per minute to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute.
Brush motor: After the old carbon brush motor is started, the working speed is constant, the speed is not very easy, and the series motor can reach 20,000 rpm, but the service life will be shorter.
(4) Energy Saving:
Relatively speaking, brushless motors with variable frequency technology control will save a lot of energy than the series motor, the most typical is the inverter air conditioner and refrigerator.
(5) Future maintenance:
The carbon brush motor needs to replace the carbon brush. If it is not replaced in time, the motor will be damaged. The brushless motor has a long service life, which is usually more than 10 times that of the brush motor. However, if the motor is broken, the motor needs to be replaced. However, the routine maintenance is basic. No need.
(6) The noise is not related to whether there is a brush motor, mainly to see the bearing and the internal components of the motor.
(7) Model parameters of the brushless motor, in addition to the external dimensions (outer diameter, length, shaft diameter, etc.), weight, voltage range, no-load current, maximum current and other parameters, there is also an important indicator KV value, this value It is a unique performance parameter of the brushless motor and it is an important data to judge the performance characteristics of the brushless motor.

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