This is the description of Yongjie V1J-PAL25 AC Dry Vacuum cleaner motor

The vacuum cleaner motor is the heart of the vacuum cleaner. The main types of vacuum cleaner motors are: dry suction vacuum cleaner motor, dry and wet vacuum cleaner motor. Vacuum cleaner motor consists of two parts: the motor part and the fan part, because the vacuum cleaner motor speed requirements are high, generally in the 20000-30000 rpm, so the motor is mainly used in series excitation motor, also known as series excitation motor.

 The vacuum cleaner motor has a copper wire motor and an aluminum wire motor.
Copper wire motor has the advantages of high temperature resistance, long life, long single operation time, but the price is higher than aluminum wire;
The aluminum wire motor has the characteristics of low price, but the temperature resistance is poor, the melting point is low, and the life time is not as long as the copper wire.

Model number: V1J-PAL25 (Dry) Vacuum cleaner Motor

Rated voltage:100-120V

Rated frequency:50/60Hz

Rated input power:1000-1500W(+5%-5%)

Max vacuum degree:>27.0KPa

Max airflow:>3.85m³/min

Max suction power:>492.6W

Max efficiency:>37%

Speed of full open:30000rpm

Direction of rotation: CCW when viewed from input airside

Class of insulation: Single CL E

Insulation resistence:>50(cool)MΩ

Dielectric strength:1800V/S <5mA







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